At Living Light Culinary Institute we offer the most professional raw vegan culinary education in the world. Our founder, Cherie Soria, created Living Light to offer people courses that teach the art and techniques of preparing living foods for a healthier life and a healthy planet. Our goal is to help you take what you learn from your culinary experience and integrate it into your life!

Raw Vegan Mastery Series

Raw Vegan Gourmet Series


Mastery of Raw Vegan Culinary is a five-day exploration of advanced kitchen practices involved in the preparation of living foods. This work will build upon conversion skills presented in our Essentials of Raw Vegan Cuisine and Intermediate Raw Vegan Cuisine and Recipe Development. Throughout the week we will explore an exciting variety of ethnic cuisines and methods from across the globe. You will learn dozens of food styling tips and tricks that will enable you to plate dazzling dishes and capture the beauty of your culinary creations in photographs. Explore systems for organizing and mastering a captivating culinary presentation.


We are bringing a new focus to the plant-based culinary world – Cooked/Raw Fusion. Building on our time-tested raw food curriculum, these hands-on seasonal courses will offer a unique opportunity to explore various raw preparations and cooked techniques with whole foods.  These techniques will inspire you to showcase exquisite flavors while optimizing nutritional value. Students will learn how to prepare foods that are vibrant and vital with the local bounty here on the beautiful Mendocino Coast. We will focus on what each season has to offer and let the garden guide our creativity.


We are proud to offer a program exploring Vegan and Raw Nutrition where you will learn the science of following a plant-based diet. This groundbreaking series of courses is designed by Living Light Nutrition Instructors, Vesanto Melina, MS, RD and Brenda Davis, RD. Brenda and Vesanto are the leading experts in the field of vegan and raw food nutrition and between the two of them they have written more than a dozen books, including Becoming Vegan (Comprehensive and Express Editions), Becoming Raw, and Raw Food Revolution Diet.

Vegan & Raw Nutrition Series

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